Retiring Styles 20% off Until Sunday 12am PST

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Love Dragon Flies?

Isn’t this gorgeous?! They now have a NEW matching headband and beautiful bobbies! But better still is that they are 10% off!!! But only for the next 72 hours! This sale ends Sunday at 12am! Also, all products that are being discontinued are 20% off! (Also all NEW products are 10% off!) Take a peek:

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It’s a Sale!

Lilla Rose is having an amazing 3 day sale!!! Not only that, but they are now shipping internationally AND accepting PayPal!!!! Take a look:

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Feminine Modesty Monday

Shalom Girls,

I pray this past week was a blessed one for you! Here are some pictures of my precious sister. Thank you, Sarah!

This dress was made by Sarah, and has a slight a-line skirt and ties in the back.

Her hair is pulled back with a scarf, which was worn like a headband.

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I’m back!

Hello Girls!

Another unexpected trip, and what a blessing it was!!! Last Friday night I found out that I was given the honor and privilege to serve at the family retreat at Joni and Friends! I’ve done the June adult retreat a couple of times, and SO love it…but have always wanted to do the family one in August…and Yahweh blessed me with that ability this past week, so unexpectedly! I was SO blessed!!! So that is why you haven’t heard from me this past week…I left early Sunday morning and just didn’t have the chance to get on here and tell you! :) Hope you didn’t mind too much! :)

The next couple of months are going to be pretty busy ones for me, but hopefully I will be able to keep posting on here in a timely manner…but if you don’t hear from me, you know why! This Thursday starts our fair, so I’ll be busy with that for a few days (until Sunday night…taking Shabbat off, of course!). But I have so many things I want to share with you, so hopefully in the “between” time of preparing and being there, and getting ready to serve a beautiful older couple next month, I’ll be able to share it all. :) In the meantime, know you have not been forgotten!!! :)

Praying your month is going wonderfully! Please do keep this fair in your prayers, as this is the first time I am doing an actual event (selling Lilla Rose items)! Praying it all goes smoothly and beautifully!

Love and prayers to you all,


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Patterns for Sale!

To all my sewing sisters!

I am downsizing my pattern collection and have some used and new patterns for sale.  Please click on names to see patterns.

Candle on the Hill Country Classic Dress Pattern $10

Friends Pattern Shaker Bonnet $5

Romantic Era Dress Pattern (Sense and Sensibility Patterns) NEW! $14

The following patterns are Elisabeth Lee Designs:

Sling pattern $10

Nursing Classics #103 (nursing and maternity) NEW! $10

Nursing Classics #307 $7

Nursing Classics #203 $10

The following are KWIK Sew patterns for children:

Swimsuit sizes 4-7 NEW! $9

Swimsuit sizes 8-14 NEW! $9

If you’re interested, please send contact me with your address so I can calculate shipping to you. I accept both checks and Paypal. Items will not be shipped until I have money, though.

I also have a new Nursing Wrap from “the first years” for $2

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Feminine Modesty Monday

My amazing sister has given me permission to share with you some pictures! :)

 photo DSCF7306.jpg

Isn’t this beautiful? I love how her shirt has the small pleats going down it! And yes, how did you guess??? It was bought at the thrift-store! :)

 photo DSCF7307.jpg

The skirt was handmade by her…Don’t you love how vibrant it is?!?! It’s one of my favorites!!!

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The newest FOTM is in!

Hello Girls,

Sorry this is coming in late! The newest Lilla Rose FOTM (Flexi of the Month) is here!!! Isn’t is beautiful?! I have always loved the anchor and so when I saw this, I knew this was definitely a go for me! :) I can hardly wait until I get mine in the mail!

If you too would love to own one, please visit: (or click on the photo)

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Update: The 90 Day Challenge

 photo LampandBible.jpg

Wow! I can hardly believe it has already been three months since I last wrote about this challenge! As I sat there with my Bible in hand yesterday morning, at the end of Revelations, I couldn’t help but praise Yahweh for helping me complete it! My goal was the end of July, and He allowed me to persevere and make it! Thank you, Father!

I wanted to share a little bit of what I learned through reading it through in such a short amount of time…but where do I even begin?

My goal was to try to read it completely through, to really refresh my mind, renew my mind, and help me see things in the larger picture. Sometimes when we take our time reading through the scriptures, we don’t really get the full picture of what is happening. But reading whole books at a time, sometimes multiple books, was incredible! I saw things that I never remembered seeing before. I got to see the history of what was happening, why it was happening, and the results to their actions. You get a much more thorough view of the whole scripture and what Yahweh is trying to say and teach us through it, when you go through it so quickly.

But there were rough spots along the way. Challenging spots. Whenever we set out to do something righteous, Satan is always there, trying to deceive us and discourage us from doing it. I was warned about this before I even set out on my journey. I knew it would happen. And so in some ways, I was prepared for it.

Reading took me about 1.5-2 hours each day. For me, if I didn’t get it done before the house awoke each morning, it was hard to get it done. So this time was generally guarded. That meant getting up around 4-5 am each and every morning…which meant getting to bed around 9-10 pm each night. Something that helped wake me up each morning, was getting out of bed, getting dressed and brushing my teeth (you’d be amazed at how refreshing that is!), getting some water and then a cup of coffee and going to living room to read. Staying in my bed would make me sleepy and never worked. :) I wanted to not just read, but learn.

Also, there were times when I was simply tired and needed some extra sleep. For these times, I tried to guard my time and read as soon as I could. And when I felt like I was “stuck” in my reading, I turned to listening to it on audio, while reading along. This is helpful, as you are hearing it and reading it…so you get it twice over in your brain. :) I also had a card I had printed off with what I needed to accomplish each day, with a box next to it, so I could keep track of my progress. This was encouraging too, as I could see my progress.

The other thing I learned to do is…PRAY! Pray for strength to keep going. Pray for guidance, for an open mind to learn what He’s wanting you to, etc. I didn’t take many notes, but really tried to keep my goal in mind…it was to get the whole picture…and that meant reading it through quickly. I didn’t skim over it, but I knew I couldn’t take my time, either.

And sisters, wow! I can not tell you what a blessing this has been! I am SO grateful that Yahweh gave me this idea and so thankful that he helped me accomplish this goal! The next time through I am planning on taking 6 months to read through it, as I want to also really start working on my memorization…hopefully of entire books. It’s a big goal, but one I am sure will be totally worth it, too! And in case you don’t know, Ephesians has 155 verses in it…taking the weekends off, will take you roughly 6 months to completely memorize at the rate of one verse a day, 5 days a week!! Take an impossible task and makes it very possible when put into that light, doesn’t it? So who’s on for the challenge? How many of you did the 90 day challenge? Want to share what you learned through it?

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Support Israel…give a family a peaceful nights rest!

Dearest Sisters,

I received this email today. Sisters, this is the group that I spent a month helping and working with. They are sincere. They are true believers, Ya’acov is Israeli himself, and they truly want to bless these families. Your money WILL go towards this! Please help them make this dream a reality. Below is a video that someone took in Ashdod. Those bright lights are rockets. This is what these families go through day in and day out. Let’s show them we care for them. Please spread the word. Let others know.



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