The Life of David

Have you ever thought about the life of David? Reading through the book of Sh’muel (Samuel) has had me really pondering his life a lot. He was the youngest son of eight. He was the least unexpected choice, yet he was Yhwh’s chosen for Israel. I had to smile as I could see his father’s reaction each time he brought forth one of his sons to Sh’muel to see if he was the chosen one of Yhwh. And each time Sh’muel shook his head and told him he was not the one. After seven sons walking before him, Sh’muel finally asked “is this all of them, or do you have another?” Jesse admitted he had a youth, but I can imagine him thinking “surely not him! He’s too young!!” But, he called him from caring for their sheep and Sh’muel knew instantly that David was indeed Yah’s chosen and told Jesse that “this was he who Yhwh had chosen!!” Imagine Jesse’s shocked expression! Or that of his brothers! He was the youngest one!! But Yhwh’s ways are not our own and He surely knew what He desired and needed in the one to be king over His chosen people! And Yhwh had been preparing him, unbeknownst to them, his entire life!!

Then we see Jesse sending him to go check on his brothers in battle. When he got to where the battle was, he heard Goliath’s boastings against Yhwh, making fun of the Israeli’s.

Again we see something profound. David asks what was going on and who this man was? When his brothers heard it, they thought he was being prideful and disobedient and they treated him as one that was totally inferior to themselves. Who was he to even search this matter out? He needed to go home where he could tend the sheep again…where he belonged (or so they thought)! Yet, that isn’t what Yhwh had called him to do.

We see David going to Saul. Again we see Saul telling him he was only a youth, surely he couldn’t do what the whole army couldn’t and/or wouldn’t do! They had fled before Goliath! But it’s interesting to see what happens next.

Remember David’s brother told him he was prideful and thats why he was there. But David knew otherwise. Yhwh had prepared him and he was up for the challenge. He knew it was Yhwh’s will, as Yhwh had indeed prepared him for this.

So he stood before King Saul and told him just how Yhwh had prepared him. He told him about the lion and bear and how Yhwh had shown him how to kill them ad how Yhwh had used his life up to this point. David wasn’t being prideful about it, but just acknowledging how Yhwh had prepared him for this moment and he asked Saul to let him go. Saul understood at this point that Yhwh had indeed prepared and called him to be the one to handle Goliath and told him he could go up against Goliath.

But he still didn’t quite trust the fact that Yhwh had totally prepared David and wanted to send David to battle the way he thought was needed. Which I can understand. I mean, send him up against a giant with only a slingshot and a few stones? He was man enough for the battle, he had obviously been prepared for this moment by Yhwh, but didn’t Yhwh need Saul to help prepare him…even a little bit? Didn’t all soldiers need a sword and shield, too?

And for a minute David did allow Saul to prepare him the way man thought he needed to be prepared. But the problem was, that’s not how Yhwh had prepared him for battle and David began to realize he could not go up against Goliath like this. It had to be Yhwh’s way or no way, as ridiculous as it may have looked, him going with just a slingshot and a few stones! He had to trust Yhwh knew best and that He had given him the wisdom and the complete preparation needed. So he laid sword and shield down, explaining to Saul he couldn’t use something he had not been prepared to use or had proven beforehand. Yhwh had indeed given him all that he needed at that moment and David had to rest in that…and so did Saul. But how often do we baulk at Yhwh’s preparations, thinking we know best?

As I ponder this whole encounter, it has been so encouraging to me. Yhwh does prepare us, and prepares us in the exact way we need to be prepared in, even tho at the time, we or others, may not understand this. But this is where faith in a loving God comes into play. Will we trust Yhwh that He knows what is best and that He will and that He does, prepare us and those around us, in the exact way, shape and form that is needed?

My precious sisters, He’ll give us the wisdom we need, when we need it, if we seek Him and trust Him and His ways! Yes, like David I’m sure we will go through a lion and bear experience and wonder at the time why on earth we needed to go through that! But Yhwh knows exactly what He is calling us to walk through and in what ways we will need to be prepared in, as well as strengthened in. I’m sure at the moment of that lion and bear coming to attack him, he had no idea what the outcome would be! Yet, we can later see it was that very experience that Yhwh used to show David He had prepared him to handle it and David’s faith was obviously very much strengthened in Yhwh. He had no doubts that Yhwh would once again deliver him (Goliath this time) into his hands…and deliver him he did!

So as we go through life, lets embrace Yhwh’s preparations (what He brings us through) and trust that He knows best and what is needed. Praise Him for those trials, girls! Acknowledge Him and His ways. Trust Him with your whole heart and when He asks you to do something that you just don’t understand, be willing to trust Him in it!! Face each Goliath in your life with a faith (trust) in a loving and merciful God who will deliver His own! And realize, He cares more about where your heart is, than anything else. Like He told David, He looks on the inward, we the outward. He sees the whole picture, we see such a minute part of it. Give Him your all, walk before Him with an upright and perfect heart, and let Yhwh use you the way He needs to…and watch how beautiful the life of your story turns out! For His ways ARE perfect! And Goliath was slain and the Israelites were delivered! HaleluYah!!!

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Legacy of a Grandmother

Hello girls,

Do y’all have a sweet friendship with your family – close and distant? I have been feeling a greater and greater importance for family, and our legacy, in the past couple of years. Besides my blood family, we have had many adopted family members, especially grandparents. They each came into our lives in different ways and times, but I’d like to share a testimony about my adopted Gramps and Grams.

Many years ago…back in 2000 or so… an older couple called my parents and asked if some of my older brothers could go help them with some handyman stuff at their house. They came over for sabbath and met our family, my brothers helped them and then we didn’t see them much at all for years that I can remember. They later called again to ask if we could go help them again. We enjoyed spending time with them and about eight years ago they asked my dad and mom if it would be okay if they adopted us children as their own grandchildren and my abba and ima as their own children. We happily said “yes!” and “named” them “Grams” and “Gramps”. :-)

Several years later, I believed that Yahweh wanted me to begin calling them. I began trying to follow through with that calling and we had many sweet conversations. Over time, as our relationship furthered, mostly only through the phone calls, I saw a deeper sight of their sweetness and how sweet and beautiful my relationship with them was becoming. I grew deeper in love with both of them and they blessed me richly with their love and godly wisdom. It was wonderful having grandparents who taught me to follow Yahweh, to become a virtuous and fruitful homemaker and to love and serve my family. Grahams often encouraged me when I talked with her, asking about my latest sewing project and how it was going along, then encouraging me to continue learning to quilt, garden, can, be a good homemaker and love being a keeper at home and Yahweh’s child.

I remember one night, she shared with me how grateful she was that I had been calling them as I did and how it seemed that I was one of the few who called them to talk with them. My eyes filled with tears as her abundantly thankful words flowed out heartily. I couldn’t help but feel glad that it touched them so much, but also greatly sad that I hadn’t been  putting more effort into calling them frequently. Knowing that it touched them so much to be talked to and listened to…I wonder how much it would bless others to be called and listened to, and showed that they were thought of and cared for. I think that, often times, the elderly people in our lives are put to the side and behind our interests and priorities. We don’t seem to realize that they care about things also and want to be showed love and respect, or realize that it means so much to them to see that we are interested in them and their feelings as well as learning from them. Elderly people are generally slower…they don’t always make “sense” and don’t seem to even show interest in joining our conversations sometimes…until we show true interest in hearing them. Let’s take care and attention to showing elderly people that we love them, ask them questions, showing interest in them as a person. Maybe make a homemade gift for them and send them a bible. Tell them we love them and share the love of Yahweh with them as we have opportunity. Yahweh opens doors, amazingly, through love and kindness.

It was truly interesting to hear about Graham’s childhood when I asked her to tell me about it. I was blessed that she enjoyed telling me as she did!!! We had several conversations about her growing up years. It was so different, and unique. No electricity, wheel-barreling water to their farm in Texas from the nearest train depot with her grandfather (who along with her grandmother had raised her), having only had several pairs of clothing at a time-one of which was her church dress and was to hardly ever be worn besides then, having a quilt-frame that her grandfather had made for her grandmother and her that was able to be pulled down and worked on during the day, then raised back out of the way again in the evening. They were very interesting to hear about! Gramps loved to tell us about his journey in life from working in his goat ranch in Texas to moving to Israel after they were recognized as a country around the world, getting to Israel. He enjoyed telling us stories from his younger years as well as when he was in Israel building a ranch. As he grew older and his short-term memory faded I was blessed in hearing the story of his growing up in life from the thriving business he had on his ranch to going to Israel many times in a row. Maybe the elderly person in your life enjoys talking about their past or not. Either way, show them you love them and are interested in their interests and cares. Be an attentive hearer. I found a letter, to no one in particular (it was more like she had found a paper and jotted down her thoughts) written on a piece of printed paper and then apparently she’d tucked them into her bible…later to to be found by me after she died. She wrote it several years ago. Her words on that piece of paper were so touching. She wrote about so often when we get old, we are not listened to. We call people and they chatter on and on then hang up saying they didn’t have time to talk…and listen. It meant so much to her to be listened to and loved, but it seems in this present generation, young people don’t really put time aside for elderly people. I agree; most people don’t seem to have time for the elderly. One thing that she told me was that she was so upset at times was when she’d be having a conversation with someone and they’d say they needed to go because another person was calling them. She missed just sitting and talking with a person, or talking as they weeded the garden and such, without distractions of electronics. We really ought to be careful not to hurt those we are sharing time with by esteeming them as lower than those around us.

Another time on one of their anniversaries, Grahams was probably in the most delighted and giddy state that I’ve ever heard her in, as we talked on the phone. Grams delighted in being a homemaker for her husband. She was so joyful and pleased as she informed me of her and Gramps’ previous evening and how nice it was. They’d been sitting in their rockers on the front porch when she asked Gramps where he wanted to go for their anniversary. (They hardly ever left the house and were on a strict diet so going out to eat was a rarity.) She told me, delightedly, that Gramps had said that he would like to just sit on their front porch by the wood stove talking with her and that she’d made their place feel so much like home that he didn’t want to go anywhere else. She was so happy about that!!!

Grams and Gramps have both died but Grams’ legacy is still with me. She loved and encouraged me heartily to become a fruitful homemaker, to enjoy gardening, farming, canning and sewing, to love babies and be efficient. I was incredibly blessed to be Graham’s granddaughter. Having a grandmother that encouraged me to love Yahweh, become a virtuous woman, and do what pleases Him for me to do, blessed me beyond words. She was a precious blessing that I believe I would never have gotten to know had I not made it a point to. Thanks to Yahweh, I was greatly encouraged to love them and call them frequently. Through those conversations, a sweet relationship was built and opened my eyes to seeing that my adopted grandparents and elderly people were so precious.  Precious sister, do you know elderly people, especially your grandparents, whom you can bless with letters, phone calls, gifts, and such to let them know that they are a precious person and well worth time and love in your eyes? Listen to them, share Yahweh’s love with them and bless them with sweet love! We really do not know how we may bless them and point them to Yahweh.

I miss my adopted grahams and gramps. I miss calling Grahams and enjoying conversations with her, hearing her delighted laugh when I told her funny little things my nieces and nephews said and did. I miss hearing her still slightly southern drawl, and worn, yet sweet voice as she spoke. I miss being able to go up north occasionally to help her for a few hours or a day, giving her hugs, holding her hand as we were on our way to our house so she could recover from her hospital stay and painful heart, miss singing and playing my violin for Gramps, hearing him tell me the same story over and over again sometimes finishing with adding his reminder “what you put into life, you get back out. If you are willing to work hard at life, you’ll get some back, but if you aren’t willing to put work into life, you aren’t gonna get much out’a it!!”, I miss his good humor and laughter. I miss them. But one day, we will be reunited, Yahweh-willing, and will be able to serve Yahweh together, in new bodies. Grams won’t be in physical pain then and Gramps won’t struggle with his memory. Yes…sometimes I miss them dearly and burst into tears, but I am so blessed to carry their legacy forward. Even though I am not their granddaughter by blood, I will still be able to take the sweet memories, lessons learned through them and words of wisdom they gave me and use them in life to bless others.

“…weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalms 30:5b

  photo Dance Live Sing.jpg


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Why have you been so quiet????

“Why have I been so quiet????”

Well…honestly…I’ve had an extremely busy spring, summer, and fall. Well, my family would say a busy entire year, and now that I think about it, I guess I have! :-) But truthfully, the quiet hasn’t really been because I have been busy, although that is certainly a part of it.

Earlier this year Yahweh really convicted me that I needed to get my priorities straightened out. My prayer life wasn’t what it needed to be, I wasn’t spending nearly the amount of time serving those closest to me, that I wanted to, not to mention a list that could go on and on. I felt like although I was writing on here a lot, I was neglecting those closest to me. Not just in time that I could have been spending trying to serve and encourage them, but also I realized I had allowed my personal writing and encouraging others to slack and I really felt convicted that I needed to get things put more in the balance.

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing here. I love sharing with y’all. But I never want electronics to take the place of or become more important than those He’s put in my life, personally. Yes, the people around me. I looked around at all my siblings, nieces and nephews, friends, and others who I’ve kind of adopted over the years, and I knew I needed to refocus where I spent my energy. I thought of those who are older and dear to me, who I cherished so much, and who also needed encouragement once in awhile…who are now passed away. How often do we wish we made that phone call when Yahweh placed them on our hearts, or wished we’d stopped and taken the time to write that letter, or stop in for a cup of tea…only to never get that chance because we neglected it when we had it? I didn’t want to have the same regrets with those still here.

I look around me at my ever growing family, and I realize that the time is slipping past me. I want to cherish each minute that I can get. I want to jump on the opportunities to serve, encourage and pray with and for them. If that means cuddling on the couch with a one year old, or taking a starlight walk with a group of them, or simply sitting at the table and coloring with them, I want to take the time to do just that. If it means folding laundry, sweaping floors, washing dirty dishes, to help another, I want to do that. I want to be there. I want to take the time while I still have it. I want to be available for that friend who needs someone to talk to, or even cry on.

I know right now Yahweh has me serving in different places, a lot. But that only means that I need to be more guarded with how I spend my time and where I place my energy on, more than ever. If I have the choice of getting on my computer or only having the time to sit at my desk and handwrite that letter to a family member or friend who is on my heart, than I plan on sitting at my desk, pen in hand. :-) If I have the choice of sitting on the couch reading to my nieces and nephews or other little ones, or writing an article, I think you know what my choice will be! It’s not to say I won’t ever write on here. I’m not really sure where Yahweh is going to have me go with this blog. But I wanted you to know why I’ve been so quiet and to let you know I honestly do not know when or how often I will be writing. I just want to serve Him where and how He has me serving Him…but also making sure I don’t leave anything undone. And with taking a step back and refocusing, seeking His will on what and where He wants me to focus my attention on right now, I felt like and feel like, I need to take a break from writing. To everything there is a season, and right now, I just don’t feel the season is with writing on here. (although you may still be hearing from some of my sisters! ;o)

I’ve also been busy taking a personal inventory of my own life and heart, taking a step back and really trying to examine where I am and where I need to be. What does Yahweh need me working on, preparing for, etc? I want to be all Yahweh has for me…I want to be the servant of Yahshua that I need to be…I want my faith strong enough so I can encourage those around me. As I look around at the world, I realize all the more how strong our faith in Messiah, needs to be! We need to be strong in Him. We need to know His word. We need to know how to stand, and how to stand strong.

On top of that, I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about my future. In what ways do I need to be preparing myself (emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically) for my future husband and the ministry that Yahweh has instore for us? What ways do I need to grow in? To prepare in? To learn how to do? Both in character, but also in every day type of things? The older I become, the more I realize there is so much I don’t know how to do, but long to! Just to name one that I am learning a lot about right now is essential oils and how they can bless my family! Joining Young Living, although I was at first pretty sceptical because of cost and the fact that I had tried other cheaper oils with no success at all, has been such a blessing! Not only in the health benefits to my own life, but watching them really help and bless my family, has been such a huge inspiration to learn all the more (I’d love to share here, but due to FDA regulations, if you’d like to learn more about how they’ve been a huge help and blessing, I need to ask you to please email me! I would love to share with you what a tremendous blessing they’ve been with you!).

But on that note, I should close this off for now. My precious readers, I do ask for patience as I seek to follow Him. I honestly don’t know where this blog will be or is going. I just feel a thirsting within my own heart and soul to dig deeper, to pray more, to serve more, and to become all the more that He has for me…so that I can be faithful in the things He has and is, calling me to. And this may mean a lot less time for writing and sharing on here than previously. Please don’t feel like you aren’t important. I love you all and I am so thankful for all the faithful readers He’s blessed me with over the years! You are all precious in my sight and His and I pray that He will richly bless you all as you strive to become all that He has for you, too!

So until next time…

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Lilla Rose Sale!!!

 photo 11219214_10153527016288686_676363296688782499_n.jpg

I am sooo excited!!! Lilla Rose is doing an amazing 72 hour sale and has announced the September style already! Details on the picture! Please click here to order

Also, Virtuous Daughters is doing a special…for the first two customers who order $50 or more through us, I will send you a special gift of appreciation! Enjoy!!

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Feminine Modesty Monday – 16

Hello Girls,

I hope you are having a pleasant and blessed week as you continue seeking Yahweh’s face and desiring to please Him above all!!!

Here are a few pictures of an outfit that I wore last month while we were camping. The week that we were camping out was often quite cool, even though it was the middle of July!!! It was nice, though, and we enjoyed it as we enjoy Feast of Tabernacles!

The light yellow long-sleeve T was given to me by a sister years ago so I don’t remember what it had cost originally, the skirt was a birthday gift from Samantha two years ago that she bought for about $4-$6, and the polyester short sleeve shirt was given to me also but originally cost a $1 or little more. :)

 photo 1015ea59-69c1-4ba8-9959-ee1c4aeb538f.jpg

I did a French Twist and gathered it together. I then used a hidden pony-tail to hold my hair and clipped a small Flexi on the French twist. Due to part of the twist that stuck out a little too much on the side, I pinned a Flexi Bobby Pin in to keep it in place with a pretty look.

 photo a54e5a5f-6c49-47e4-b7c4-91f90228a45e.jpg

I would enjoy getting pictures of your outfits that you are trying to be modest and feminine in! If you would like to send me pictures of them (or several outfits), and a bit about yourself and the outfit, I would gladly put feminine and modest outfits up on Modesty Mondays.

I pray that all y’all are blessed richly as you try to be beautifully modest for Yahweh’s glory! I would enjoy hearing about your journey at my email!!




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Modesty Monday- Purple Flowered Skirt and Pink knit top

Shalom sisters!!!

Here is an outfit that I wore a while ago. The knit shirt was bought at a thrift store for under a couple dollars and the skirt is  A-line and homemade by Samantha. :)

 photo 20150727_141830.jpg

We have two Flexi’s that are the same design but are an X-small and small which worked well for unevenly parted hair. I did a simply twist and pinned it with a flexi on each side.

 photo 20150727_141928.jpg

 photo 20150717_175054.jpg

Blessings; Sorry this is so short!


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Modesty Monday – 1 Skirt, 3 Ways, 3 Days

Hello girls!!!

Here is a picture of my green tiered skirt with a different top than before. This shirt is the cotton knit shirt that I altered in my last post, two weeks ago. If you’d like to see how I altered it, then you are welcome to go  over to that Modesty Monday Post.

The scarf is borrowed from Samantha. :)

 photo 20150713_094111.jpgI did my hair in a twist that I learned on a Tutorial that Caroline Allen from did.

 photo 20150713_094619.jpgThe shirt was given to me by Samantha as well as the skirt and the scarf and Flexi clip are both borrowed from Samantha, also! Don’t you love having sweet sisters who welcome you to borrow their things?!!!

Here are two random pictures of flowers that I took recently. Don’t you really like flowers?! It fascinates me how beautifully, creatively and intricately they were made by Yahweh! So delicate and so strong…vibrant yet soft…aren’t they beautiful?!!!

 photo 20150713_094742_RichtoneHDR.jpg

 photo 20150708_154147.jpgBlessings;

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Sarah’s Twin Japanese Futon

I mentioned in the last Tutorial of my husband-to-be and my bed, that I made my sister Sarah one. I had quite a few “full” layers, so what I did with hers is, I started with 6 full layers. Then I would do a couple of pieced layers, then a couple of full layers, and so on…leaving off with 5 full layers and the last layer I wrapped all the way around the bed, and then whipped stitched it together. This really did wonders with keeping her layers together and flat while I put it into the slip cover. But I will walk you through each step with making a twin.

I made this one on our dining room table, as it was the perfect width and saves the back. :o)

 photo IMG_7336.jpg

See the pieced layer?
 photo IMG_7337.jpg

Again, save the hands! Make some patting with the cotton batting!
 photo IMG_7341.jpg

I was a bit more careful with this one, as it was the day after I made ours, so my hands were still a bit sore. :o)
 photo IMG_7342.jpg

Now we have some thickness (she decided she wanted it to be more like 4″ and since I had the scraps and supplies, I was able to…thank you Yahweh!). Again you can see the piece work. Note: when doing a few pieced layers, make sure you never have the seams in the same place!
 photo IMG_7344.jpg

The last layer, this is before I flipped the bed over to get the cotton totally around the bed.
 photo IMG_7346.jpg

See how it now goes totally around?
 photo IMG_7347.jpg

 photo IMG_7348.jpg

Again, pin it in place to hold it together…
 photo IMG_7349_1.jpg

Before you girls go any farther, look around you. By now you have created quite the mess, I’m sure! Which is fine…but you are now to the point where you’re cutting is finished…so take a minute and clean it all up.

 photo IMG_7352.jpg
 photo IMG_7353.jpg

Much better! Now the house is ready for company and it’s peaceful…you are still working, but this is called being thoughtful of those around you. When you can, keep the work area looking decent, so the others can enjoy the home, too, and get things done that they need to. It only takes a moment…and besides, you need to straighten up that back and let your eyes take a break! :o)
 photo IMG_7355.jpg

Then whip stitch it together.
 photo IMG_7358.jpg

 photo IMG_7359.jpg

Now time for the cover.
I didn’t get a picture of putting it in, but it’s only open on the top like a pillowcase, so you can picture it. Now I am going to walk you through how I closed it up.
 photo IMG_7360_1.jpg
 photo IMG_7361.jpg
 photo IMG_7363.jpg
 photo IMG_7364.jpg
 photo IMG_7366.jpg

I figured a picture is worth a thousand words. :o)
 photo IMG_7368.jpg

Blind stitching it.
 photo IMG_7369.jpg
 photo IMG_7370.jpg

Almost there! :o) Now it’s time for that tying down part! Again use a Doll Making 3″ sharp needle and Pearl thread (embroidery floss, but the thickness of string). For detailed stitching help, please refer to the previous tutorial on “Our Bed – A Homemade Japanese Futon“, as I go into pretty good detail on how to do it.

 photo IMG_7371.jpg

 photo IMG_7372.jpg

Then more for looks, I added a stitch on each corner.
 photo IMG_7373.jpg

And someone now has a 4″ Japanese Futon Mattress! :o) Happy Birthday, Sarah!
 photo IMG_7375.jpg

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Part 2: Character Training and How What We Think Will Affect Our Children

Part 2: Character Training and How What We Think Will Affect Our Children

Part 2: What Does Yahweh’s Word Say About Fear?

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about what the Word says about fear. We barely skimmed the surfice, but I pray as you began to read some of the scriptures concerning it, you realized just how critical trust is. And really, fear and trust are opposites. When you fear a situation, you aren’t trusting that situation to Yahweh’s keeping. You don’t believe He’s incontrol, but that the situation is. Or you don’t believe the scriptures when they say that the Father cares more about you than the sparrows, and we know how much He cares about them!

For years, fear, worry and doubt had such a grip on my life. I really struggled (although I didn’t even know that I did!) with trusting Yahweh with my life. Things would happen, and I would become fearful of the “what-if’s”. If He called me to walk through something that was difficult, I would doubt His goodness and His love. Why would He ask me to walk through this, if He truly loved me?

Within the past couple of years, He has taught me who He is, no matter what He calls me to walk through. And He’s taught me how I needed to truly trust Him, come what may. He never said life would be a bed of roses, in fact, He tells us it won’t be! So why do we go through life, and when tough times come, we break? Where is the trusting heart of a child? Why do we only trust Yahweh in the good times? Why do we only praise Him in the good times? Do the times really change who our God really is? Does He not require and deserve our praise and trust, no matter what life brings our way? Yahweh’s word tells us in Proverbs 3:5-6 to, “Trust in Yahweh with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” So let me ask you this question again. Are you trusting Yahweh with your whole heart, or is there doubt in part of it? Are you leaning on your own understanding of a situation, or leaning on HIS understanding of it? Are you acknowledging Yahweh in ALL your ways? In all areas of your life? In all situations? And if you are, then why (or should I say how) can you fear them, as well?

Yahweh really began to convict my heart of just how much I lacked a trustful spirit. I said one thing (that I trusted Him), yet I wasn’t living that out. My actions spoke louder than my words…and they weren’t lining up! It didn’t change the situations. It didn’t take the pain out of trials. But it made me look at life in a totally different manner. He was molding and making me into His likeness…and being purified of the dross in my life, was painful. It made me cling to my Saviour, knowing HE was and IS in control…and that He didn’t promise I’d never know pain, He promised to be with me through the pain…through the thick and thin. There is a difference. As I realized more and more of who He was, it made me realize how this had played into my fear factor. I didn’t really know who He was or what His character (for lack of a better word) was. What did His Word say? I feared for lack of knowledge. And the more I acknowledged Him as Lord (master) of my life, and reverenced and respected Him as the Potter and myself as the clay, the more I realized I had nothing to be fearful about.

The other thing that I realized is, we often fear what He may call us to walk through, so we try to take the reigns out of His hands. We try to take the paintbrush away from Him. We are in essence telling Him that He is now the clay and we are the potter, because we didn’t like the way He was forming that clay! Ouch. Again, it all boils down to not trusting! And having a controlling spirit! We are leaning upon our own understanding, refusing to acknowledge Him as God, as the Creator of the universe…the Creator of us! The Giver and Taker of life! We try to play…yes…God. We don’t like not being in control. We don’t like not knowing the end of the story from the beginning. We don’t like having to give the controls to another…because quite frankly, we think we know what is best…plain and simple. But sisters, we simply do not. We don’t see what He sees! We don’t know what the canvas painting is even supposed to look like, let alone be able to paint the picture on it! We know He changes not. We know He gave His only begotten Son…because of His love for us! We know He loves us with an everlasting love! We know He promises to be with us! We know He promises to hold us, when we are too weak to hold ourselves. We know He promises to never leave us. We know He promises to never fail us.

Y.E.T W.E S.T.I.L.L D.O.N.T T.R.U.S.T H.I.M. WHY????

Because Satan is out to kill and destroy and we don’t weigh the spirits, we don’t try the spirits, and we don’t even recognize the spirits for what and who they are from! Yahweh tells us that He does NOT give us a spirit of fear…yet we welcome that spirit into our lives with open arms! I mean…it gives us something to do, right? Oh, my precious sisters! Let’s begin to view life through His eyes, through His understanding, and begin to realize just how much Satan is out to kill us and destroy us! He doesn’t want us trusting Yahweh! He LOVES it when we fear and distrust Him! This is WHAT HE WANTS!!! Satan is out to get victory over our lives…Yahweh has shown us this…and it’s time we stood up and told him that he WILL NOT get victory in our lives, and that we don’t trust in horses and chariots, but WILL trust in Yahweh our God and there is NOTHING that he can do to stop us! Give your all to the One who loves you more than you will and ever could, realize! Put your trust in Yahweh your God and see what can happen! It’s incredible! Because your God is incredible!!

Sisters, let’s start training our character so that we truly trust Yahweh with everything within us, so that one day, Yahweh willing, when He blesses us with children, we can then teach them how to trust Yahweh their God with their whole heart! Times are not for the faint hearted. Yahweh needs our eyes stayed upon Him! He needs to know that He has our whole heart, our whole soul! We can not serve two masters. Which one will you trust?

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How I Altered my Knit Shirt – Tutorial

Hello Girls!

I wrote this post on Monday, but with a flu this past weekend, and a nephew’s birth yesterday, the post was delayed until today. I couldn’t get it to post before I went to bed Monday, but Samantha was with my sister who was having her baby, so was a little preoccupied with something more important than getting the post to publish. ;)

I hope y’all are doing well and enjoying Summer at y’all’s current abiding. :)

This Monday, I altered a shirt that I would like to wear in a future Femininely Modest outfit picture post for y’all. The shirt was previously a size or two too big for me, so I altered it today to make it fit me better. I think I got a little carried away when I was trimming it down and may have trimmed the sides down a little too much! :/ I think it will be fine, though. :) When you cut your knits down, it is helpful to have another knit that you wear and can compare the sizes to as you measure and alter a different knit.

Anyway, here is how I did it. :)

First, I cut 2″+ off the sides of my shirt bodice, and cut the sleeves off. It is sometimes a nice idea to leave the surger seam on either the arm of the bodice, or the sleeve itself to keep the material from stretching too much when it is sewn- depending on which one you are more concerned about stretching. For this bodice, since I gathered the sleeves and cut the bodice down also, the Surger seams wouldn’t have stayed on either the sleeve or arm hole seams!

In this picture, I’ve detached the sleeves, trimmed down the sides and arm holes, and kept the material from the width that I cut off of the sides.
 photo SDC19549.jpgAfter cutting the sides, I realized that the bottom seams didn’t line up. The back bodice was about 3/4″ longer than the front….so, off comes both seams. If you do this, be sure your bodice is long enough! :)
Also, because my neckline was a little tall, I cut about 1″ off the top in preparation for a different collar. I also kept this strip for later use, if necessary.
 photo SDC19551.jpgFolding the shirt in half, carefully, helps insure that my edges are evenly trimmed. Note: I’d suggest folding the shirt so that the back is in the inside. This helps be sure that if any side is a tiny bit smaller, due to the crease in the middle, it is the back that comes out a tiny bit smaller and not the front.
 photo SDC19546.jpgStrips that I cut off of my hem and collar and then sewed into about 1″ wide, folded strips:
 photo SDC19562.jpgNext, I zig-zagged my edges. It is Very nice to be able to use a Surger Sewing Machine when sewing knits; it cuts down on the amount of work and time, considerably!
 photo SDC19557.jpgI pinned where I wanted to begin and end the gathered stitch so I knew that I gathered both sides evenly.

 photo SDC19566.jpgGather the sleeve to fit the armhole. Then, I pin it in place, being sure to have the center crease of the sleeve (closest fold to the camera in the above picture) even with the shoulder seam or a tiny bit (1/3″-1/2″) towards the front bodice. {My shoulder seam length is about 4″}

Then, sew the sleeve on!
 photo IMG_0510.jpgMy desires for the finished collar on this shirt, were three things, namely the following: I wanted it to be a little closer to the base of my neck, than it would be when I cut it shorter, feminine (maybe with ruffles?:), and if it had ruffles on it, I wanted it to fold-down rather than a stand-up. :)

I didn’t capture many pictures of the process of making the collar, so I’ll have to try to explain it in words. I’ll try to explain how I did the collar to the best of my ability, and pray that all y’all who may be benefited from it will be able to understand what I am saying, or at least gain better ideas for future use with your own creativity.

So, using some of the pieces I’d used from hems and the collar, I gathered them slightly, then sewed them onto the inside piece (closest layer of collar material to where my neck was supposed to be) of the collar. That way I could fold my collar down later and have the pretty side showing. :) It reminded me of when I used to take care of my little sister and I needed to learn how to fold those pretty socks with lace on the top that when cuffed down, had the pretty side of the lace seam showing, or when left uncuffed (or cuffed inside-out) would have the raw edge showing!!!
 photo SDC19564.jpgI sewed a 1/4″ elastic on the inside of that seam, thus having a three layer deep seem. The deepest layer into the inside of the collar was first my elastic, then the inside collar layer, then the ruffled edge. Next, straighten and smooth out the two layers of collar and pin the bottom layer to the top layer. Then sew them together (the tiny seam you can see on the picture below). I then took a hand-sewing needle and tacked the collar down in multiple places. I didn’t want to simply sew it for a few reasons. 1) it would be stiffer and probably not stretch over my head easily. 2) It would look pinned to the bodice, rather than look like it was just laying there. 3) It would probably undo the main reason I had the elastic and that was to hold my collar a little closer to my neck.

Note: I’d probably have chosen a 1/8″ wide elastic for collars because they wouldn’t be as stiff or large, but the 1/4″ was what we had and it seems to have worked fine! I guess a lot of what decides which size elastic you want, is what look it is that you are wanting!! :) Also, note: Make sure you cut the elastic length long enough to fit over your head!!

 photo SDC19574.jpgI ripped out two and a half of those 1″strips that I either sewed or cut off the hem of this shirt. Then, I sewed them back onto the bottom of the shirt, single layer (keeping the addition layer quite a bit looser than the shirt to add a slightly ruffled look), before giving it a larger hem.

 photo SDC19573.jpgI hope this helps some of y’all in some way! I know that altering my T-shirts and any knit under-shirt, tank-top, etc has been a huge blessing this Spring!! Because I wear them under my long sleeved blouses, it really doesn’t matter if they are tighter than what would be modest to wear by themselves, and they fit me nicely. It is exciting to be experimenting on my long-sleeved knit shirts also, and I really like girly, cute shirts. It is simply very hard to find feminine, modest, pretty long-sleeved shirts that can be worn by themselves rather than needing to be doubled with other layers to make up for the immodesty or the lack of femininity in them.

I’d love to hear your ideas on making clothes modest and beautiful!!! I have so much to learn and I am eagerly anticipating gaining insight into how to dress modestly, beautifully and femininely, as well as efficiently!


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