My Father

Since it was Father’s Day, I wanted to post a little bit about my father. He is the most wonderful man in the entire world, and I wish that all of you young ladies could meet him! Yes, I really do love my Dad! I am so incredibly grateful for Yahweh choosing him as my father, for He truly did know who would be the best father to me! Words simply are not enough to explain just what kind of father I have or the love that I have for him. He is truly wonderful and this song that my oldest sister wrote about him rings so true! Thank you, Yahweh, for blessing me with my Dad! How I praise you from the depths of my heart for blessing me with a man like my Dad! I have to truly be one of the richest daughters around! Dad, I love you!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!

My Father

There are fathers in this world
Some are saved and some are not.
But there’s no doubt when you look at mine
That by the blood he’s been bought

Verse 1:
It shows in everything he does
Every word and action declares,
That Yahweh Al-mighty
Is always there.

Verse 2:
I can see it in his face
I can hear it in his words
His every action shows
That he is our Lords.

He so willingly sacrifices things
He time and energy,
To make our loads a little lighter
And to take care of our every need

Verse 4:
A girl has never been so blessed
With a more wonderful father
Oh, Yahweh I thank you
For making me his daughter

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