A testimony about the impact of children’s lives

I know we have talked some in the past about letting Yahweh control our womb, but I would like to share a little testimony. Something that Yahweh showed me only a couple of days ago.

When my parents were first married, neither one was a believer. After my two older siblings were born, Mom went to get her tubes tied. They had the “perfect American family…one boy and now a girl”. She was only 19 at the time and the doctor that she went to, told her that he would not do it. He told Mom that she was too young and would later regret it and that if she wanted to get it done, she had to go elsewhere…anyone else would probably be willing to do it for the money, but not him. Mom never did go anywhere else.

Shortly after this, my parents accepted Yahshua as their Saviour and things changed. The first thing that they really wanted, was another baby. 🙂 That was when I was born. The next year after that, my brother was born and so on. It wasn’t until child #7 that my parents decided to allow Yahweh to control their womb. You may be wondering about why they had so many, but my sister was conceived on the Pill. Yahweh had other plans for my family and I am so thankful to Him for it!

Today I wanted to share another side of the coin to think about. The couple that shared with my parents about letting Yahweh control their womb, made an interesting remark. She told Mom that she believes that when they get to heaven, Yahweh will look at them and show them some children and ask them why they refused to bring these little ones into the world! They had had their tubes tied early on, and regretted it. She told mom not to make the same mistake.

I thought back to my uncle, who shunned my parents for having so many children, never making it right until around child 10 or 11. Now he adores us, but a conversation between my mom and him, made me really think about something. I shared this with a precious friend just the other day. He asked my mom when she was ever going to stop having children? Wasn’t this enough? My mom, who knew that he adored us all, looked at him and asked him which one of us would he want to send back? He exclaimed “none! But that doesn’t mean you have to keep having them!” or something like that. But my mom’s response was something I will never forget. She looked at him and told him “but had I stopped when you told me to, none of these children would be here”. And how true!

My dear sisters, had my parents stopped having children after the “perfect American family”, I would not be here. And neither would my 12 other siblings, nor 8 of my nieces and nephews! None of the ministries that my siblings and I have, would be here. We would not have been able to minister and help the people that we have been able to. Virtuous Daughters would not be here. I would not have been able to help all the young mom’s , nor been able to have a part in helping little ones enter the world safely, that I have been able to. My sister wouldn’t be ministering to people through her songs. My brother wouldn’t be serving this country. The list could go on and on. And who knows what the rest of my siblings and nieces and nephews will do and how they will impact this world for Yahshua!

Girls, when we stop having children and prevent children from entering the world, we generally don’t think about it in this light, but I want you to stop and think about this! None of us would exist, had Yahweh not changed my parents hearts on children being a blessing! How many times has Yahweh wanted to use someone to impact the world for Him, but couldn’t, because we have refused to allow them to enter into this world? How many children will Yahweh bring to us when we get to heaven and tell us that He had wanted to bless us and use these children, but couldn’t, because we refused to have them? I look around at my siblings lives, and now their children’s lives, and I shake my head. I can’t even imagine them not existing! I look at the lives that have been able to be touched and changed through our lives and examples, and I wonder just how many other lives aren’t being impacted and blessed, because others have stopped having children.

As much as I have always believed in letting Yahweh control my womb, I honestly have never really thought about this, until the other day and when I did, it was startling, to say the least! I think about David’s family in scripture, and how he was the 8th child (that we know of) and how if his parents stopped having children, our Messiah wouldn’t exist and it takes my breath away, just thinking about it. It’s not just our lives and our generation that we must think about. It is the generations to come and all the lives that our children and their children and their children after them, will touch. How many lives will our family as a whole, generation after generation, touch and change for Him? When you think of this life touching someone, and that life that they just touched, touching someone else’s, and how the chain of events just keep going…it’s amazing! But when you think about how if even one link is missing, and all the lives that now can’t be touch because of it, it is heart breaking to say the least!

Yes, when Yahweh said that our precious little ones and their lives are such a blessing, He really meant what He said! I don’t think we, here on this earth, will ever realize just how a little child’s life could ever impact this world for eternity like they do, but I believe if we could just get a glimpse of this truth, it would utterly shake us to our very core. If nothing else, it should make us lean and depend on Yahweh helping us raise them for Him, all the more! Their lives, your lives, are SO important!! Each one of you have such an important role to play in the world and in His Kingdom! Don’t waste it, my girls…and don’t waste theirs or Yahweh’s heritage. Let it keep growing and ever expanding!

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