Delighting in Men and Female Differences

The Grit and the Gold taken from the book “Doing things right in matters of the heart” by John Ensor

“In the Winter Olympics, figure skating events are the hottest ticket in town. Pairs figure skating has occasionally been the highest-rated event among viewers. At its best, it displays the strength and beauty, the power and grace, of true unity. The gold medal is awarded to the couple who has most mastered the skills of male leadership and female support.

He leads her onto the ice and initiates each part of their routine. She receives that leadership and trusts in his strength. His raw physical strength is more on display than hers; he does all the lifting, twirling, and catching. She complements his strength with her own—a more diminutive and more attractive strength of beauty, grace, speed and balance. His focus as the head, or leader, is to magnifying her her skills. Her focus is on following his lead and signaling her readiness to receive his next move. He takes responsibility for the two of them, and she trusts his leadership and delights in it.

If he makes a mistake, she pasts the larger physical price while he pays the larger emotional price. She falls, but he fails! So he has to learn to initiate and risk. She has to help him understand her moves and to endure his learning curve.

They do not fight for equality on the ice; they possess it as a given. Each has a role to play and they are not jostling or fighting about fairness. They are after something far more rewarding. No one yells, “Oppressor!” as he leads her around the arena, lifting her up and catapulting her into a triple spin. No one things she is belittled as she takes her lead from him, skating backward to his forward. No on calls for them to be egalitarian: “She should get to throw him into a triple Lutz half the time!” They complement each other in their complementarian approach to becoming one majestic and powerful whole. No one, least of all he, minds that the roses and teddy bears, throw onto the ice when they have collapsed into each others arms at the end, are for her. It is his joy.

This appears to me to be a visible model of what male leadership and female support are all about. This is what it looks like as it is worked out.”

I couldn’t think of a more beautiful example! It’s so beautiful, isn’t it? Girls, Yahweh made you beautiful. Yes, we all play a different role than the men. But when we are put together, we make a complete whole; a beautiful whole! Each role is beautiful. It doesn’t mean that we are of any lesser value…we are equal in God’s sight. But it does mean that He created us with different roles and that those roles complement each other; they complete each other. Relish in your differences! There’s nothing shameful at all about being a woman, a lady of God, who God made you to be like! Being a woman of Him, fulfilling the roles that He has given us, is truly one of the most beautiful things to behold! So like these skaters, relish the way Yahweh created you and relish and delight in the roles He created you to fulfill!

And Girls, one last thing…praise the men for being men! They are being attacked left and right by the feminist. Let the men around you know how much you love that they are truly MEN! Let them know how you relish and delight in their leadership, protectiveness, provision, work, sacrifices, love etc! Let them know just how much you cherish and love them and love who they are! Real men, men that are willing to stand up for what is right and be the Godly men that Yahweh has called them to be, is truly something to delight in! And also remember that those men delight in real ladies, too! So be that Godly young lady and don’t try to be something that Yahweh never created you to be. Together, you make a beautiful whole…remember that!

Love you, Girls! Have a wonderful week!


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