Good morning, my precious girls!

It never ceases to amaze me how the book of Ephesians grips me! Oh! How I love that book!!!

Yesterday, as I sat there studying it, one thing rang through my heart. It was these verses.

“By ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as the anointed also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour”. Ephesians 5:1-2

The part that gripped me was how we as believers, are to love each other as Yahweh loved and loves, us. Wow! Isn’t that something? It kind of went along with what we have been talking about, with forgiving each other and putting aside all anger and bitterness.  And as I read this passage, something from the past came back to me.

One day someone (a friend) had done something to me that I guess most people would probably have a hard time forgiving.  It wasn’t long before this person came up to me with tears, telling me that they know that I could probably never forgive them, but wanted me to know that they were really sorry for hurting me like that. I remember looking at them and telling them “I forgave you the instant you did that”.  They couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t angry or bitter with them? I truly forgave them? And I just smiled and said “Yep”. This is when they asked me how I could possibly just simply forgive them for the wrong they did? And I was able to share with them that just like Yahweh forgives us for our sins, so I can also forgive. No, we don’t deserve it. But does that change the fact that Yahweh still lovingly forgives us?

Girls, when you are hurt by someone, or someone does wrong to you, you have the perfect opportunity to point them back to Yahweh…simply by forgiving them! This person couldn’t understand why I could forgive them, but when explained that this is what Yahweh has done for me (and them) and who am I to thus withhold something that He has so freely given to me? It truly brought them to a whole new understanding about God’s love, mercy and grace!

This is why this passage stood out so much to me! It isn’t that we are to love like the world. We are to love (and thus forgive), like Yahshua loved (and forgave) us! We are to be a living example of what He did to us, to others! We are to be that light that points them to the Light! We are to be a living example of who our God really is!

But are we? When people look at us, do they see His love reigning in us? Are we truly children, following their dear Father’s example? Or are we pointing people farther away from who He really is? Do people want what we have? Can we, just by our living example, be a witness of who Yahweh truly is?

Never forget this, dear girls! This is what we are called to me. Remember…people watch you when you least expect it! I had no idea that by doing a simple thing like I did that day and extending my hand in love and total forgiveness, would have such an eternal impact on that person’s life! I was simply doing what my Heavenly Father had done so often to and for me! But, through that experience, that person was able to taste a bit of God’s love for them. Do you, my girls, pass on God’s true love to others? Or are you misrepresenting His love to others? Remember, they won’t listen to what you say with your mouth, but how you live. Does your life line up with your words? Let’s shed His love on this world, dear precious girls and lead people to the cross, simply by our life’s example!

All my love,


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