There is a purpose…a reason…

To all my older single girls,

As I sat here struggling with the distance of my Love and I, knowing not where he is, nor how long this separation must be for, longing to be with him and near him, Yahweh brought a verse to me. The verse was “To everything (yes, even this!) there is a season, and a time for every purpose…”. I struggled with the overwhelming longing for my Love, and yet, even in this season of our lives, there is a purpose. It is only for a time, and yet, there is great purpose in it.

Sometimes life as an older single (and I am sure for a younger one, too!) it can become a bit overwhelming. I sit here and wonder at how I can be perfectly happy and content where Yahweh has me, working and accomplishing different things He has set before me to do, and yet, at the same time long for my Love so completely…I mean, isn’t this an oxy-moron? It seems the more I pray for him, the closer I feel to him, and thus the more I long for him! So, should I stop praying? Should I simply ignore the fact that I know he’s out there somewhere? I don’t think so. Is this longing wrong? Again, I don’t think so.

Can our heart long for the one that we don’t have, and yet be sinless? I do believe so, girls. Let me ask you a question. If you were married to your Beloved, and yet he went on a long journey, so you were both separated, would it be wrong for you to long for his presence? Would it be wrong for you to long for him to be once more, standing by your side? Again, I think we would all agree, it would probably be wrong if you didn’t feel this way! 🙂 The same I believe is true now. In my way of thinking, my Love has just gone on a long journey. Yes, we have never (atleast to my knowledge!) even met before. And yet, to me, he is still very much alive and there. To me, we are separated by time and distance…he has simply been a long journey. Does this mean that even through this longing for him to be near, I can not be content and happy with where Yahweh has me, fulfilling what He has me doing? I don’t believe so. I believe both are quite easily obtained.

You see dear girls, for me, my Love is mine and I am his. I live my life as though I were married. I think as if I were married. Everything I do is in preparation for the day that I will be married. I think about my family and how I can best serve them. I learn new traits that will one day bless them (and in the meantime, will bless my family here). And yet, at the same time, I am truly happy. Sick at heart, yes. But still happy where I am!

It reminds me of our Lover…Yahshua. I am here, yes. We are together, and yet apart. I live my life in service to Him, even though we are not “physically” together. My heart longs for Heaven and my home and Lover there. And yet, I am still happy to serve Him while we are apart. I am happy to fulfill the duty that I have here and now. Does this mean that I don’t long for Him? Does this mean that I don’t long for His presence beside me? Of course not! Nothing could be further from the truth! And yet, I realize that there is a time for every season, this being one of them, and a purpose for it. He never sends us through something without a purpose and a reason. This season happens to be when we are apart from our Beloved’s, but oh, how I praise Him it is only for a season! 🙂

So is it wrong to be in constant prayer for our Loved ones? No, I do not believe this is wrong at all! Just as you should be in constant prayer if he were standing beside you, so you should get in the habit and be in constant prayer for him now! Girls, you can both be content and still desire and long for, your Beloved’s. What is wrong is if you sit around and wait for him! He doesn’t want to come and find you wasting your time. Yahshua doesn’t want this, and I am sure, neither does your earthly husband. Use this time very wisely! Figure out what Yahweh wants you fulfilling, and start fulfilling it! Remember what Proverbs 31 says “she does him good and not evil ALL the days of her life!” This doesn’t start when we get married, it starts now! Start living life now, my girls! May Yahweh richly bless you, and give you strength and courage that you need through this season of your life! Stand strong girls, and realize, there is a purpose for this wait, and it IS only for a season and time! 🙂

And may this season come swiftly to an end… 😉 No, seriously, I am thankful for this season in my life. I see Yahweh’s hand at work so much right now! He has me doing so much! As much as I do long for and miss my husband so very, very much, I am truly thankful for this time to minister to others. I know as long as this season seems, it is only for a time and I don’t want to waste an ounce of it! Prepare, buy up the best opportunities that Yahweh has for you, rescue the time that has been wasted, and realize that Yahweh has a purpose for you! He has something that He wants YOU to do, so ask yourself “what is it?” and get busy! Act as if you only had one day left in this season! Don’t waste it…use it! Use each and every single minute and each and every single day, accomplishing everything you possibly can in this season! For Girls, we will one day look back and realize just how short this season really was! Redeem the time! Boldly serve our King and our Redeemer! And realize that when this season ends, we will be placed in another…are we ready? Is there something that you will later regret not preparing in? Think ahead and use this time very wisely!

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