Feminine Modest Monday: You can have fun without compromising!

I thought I would share kind of a fun post of pictures, to share with you how you can have a lot of fun, without compromising. Mainly, without compromising on being modest. I know I have spoken some in the past on modesty and have said (but have not shown) how you can do things, all while being modest. But, today I would like to share some pictures with you to show you how I do it.

Through the years, I have heard so often how you can’t do “this or that” in a long skirt, that you must wear only pants. Well, “only pants” has never been an option for me. I don’t believe they alone are modest on a lady (not to speak of not being feminine), and so if it was “pants only” or not doing it, I would certainly choose to just not do it. Yet, I enjoy having fun, too, and thus, most of things that people say could never be done in a skirt, has been proven time and time again, to just not be true. I’m hear to tell you that they can be done, that you too, can have fun!

In this post I will show you pictures from swimming (actually canoeing, but I’m in my swimsuit while canoeing so that I could go swimming when we stopped at the island), to skiing, to hiking and yes, even doing martial arts (Tae Kwon Do)! So, are you ready my girls to go on a journey of pictures? 😉

First, swimming. I didn’t have time to go through all of our pictures to find a better one, but here is what I wear when I swim. It’s made out of the 4-way stretch spandex that regular bathing suits are made from (I do tend to wear a full suit underneath for support). Then under my 3/4 length skirt (as it WILL stretch when wet) I wear leggings, and again they are made from the same type spandex swim fabric. *Note: this is my lab Buddy who is at my feet, who went canoeing for the first time when this picture was taken! 🙂

 photo BuddyandSamanthainCanoe.jpg

The next set of pictures is of me hiking the tallest mountain in Maine. And just for the few who may say it was only a hill, and thus why I could hike up it in my long skirt, I wanted to include a picture of where I had just climbed up. 🙂 It is a couple thousand feet up…a rock slide…after you climb the mountain. But…for someone who loves the mountains, it is TOTALLY worth the hike up!!!

This is of me getting ready to hit the rock slide part of the climb.

 photo DSCF5615.jpg

At the top! The view is totally breathtakingly beautiful!!

 photo DSCF5682.jpg

 photo DSCF5774.jpg

Yep! That side of the mountain is what my siblings and I had just finished climbing up. 🙂 Isn’t Mt. Katahdin beautiful?

Now for the Tae Kwon Do pictures, which I just had taken today, as I don’t think I have any from back when I was actually taking it. But I wanted to show you what I did wear for a couple of years and what really worked well.

Before I share the pictures though, I want to share a little bit of a story with you. How did I ever start into Tae Kwon Do? Glad you asked! 🙂 You see, back quite a few years ago, my two brothers were taking it. I would often go and just watch. I had really wanted to do it, as it looked like a LOT of fun, but I knew there were two things I would not compromise on. 1) I wasn’t going to wear pants only. And 2) I wasn’t going to spar with boys or men. I honestly didn’t know how I could get around those two problems, so I didn’t even bother looking into it. BUT, we had the most wonderful instructor. One day, after my brother’s tournament, Bill (our instructor) took both him and I out to eat. As we were eating he asked me why I wasn’t joining the class? He knew from the look in my eyes that I wanted to, but told me something was holding me back, so what was it? Was it the sparing with the guys? Was it the pants? I smiled. Both, actually. 🙂 He was extremely respectful of our beliefs and had the mentality that “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. He knew I was a seamstress and told me he didn’t know if the state of Maine (he was an instructor who was a part of a group here, so was under someone else, too) would allow it, but he wanted me to try. Could I design a really, really full skirt, which I could wear over my gi pants? That way I would be modest. I told him I thought I could come up with it. He then told me that if I would be willing to spar with my brothers (which we already did 🙂 he would make sure I never got another man, as my partner. As our instructor, he did tell me he would sometimes have to explain things to me, but as much as possible, even he would be hands off. I had no problem at all with this and i greatly appreciate to this day, his and his wife’s thoughtfulness and consideration, not to mention the great respect they had for us doing things differently!

So needless to say, I went to work and came up with a very full skirt, in which I could still kick in, spar in, etc. It never constricted me in any way, and knowing that I had the loose gi pants on underneath it, insured I stayed and remained modest at all times.

Long story short, the day came to come to class. Yes, I was the only girl in the class who came with a skirt on! It matched the uniform, but I got the “are you seriously going to be able to do these moves in that? from the other classmates. I smiled. Oh, believe me, I’ll be able to do it! It became the joke of my instructor that I had a distinct advantage to the others…they couldn’t see my foot come up for a kick! 😛 But he also commented on how beautiful the kata’s were when done in a skirt. It was so flowing, as I slid my foot across the floor. And sure enough, it didn’t hinder me in the least bit.

Finally the “head man” came to check it out. Bill asked him if he had a problem with the change in uniform? He really liked it too, and so permission was granted! I could join the class! And soon some of my younger sisters also joined the class for a time…who also wore the same style skirt.

I share this, simply to encourage you to think outside of the box and to NOT compromise! Try to think of ways that you can do things, while remaining within your standards. Know what you believe, and don’t compromise just to have fun. For myself, I knew what my standards were. I didn’t mind wearing pants underneath my skirt, and so when our instructor helped us come up with a way that I could join class without compromising, I was all for it! Did I stand out? Yep. Did I care? Nope. And eventually, even the girls commented on how much they liked the skirt over the pants! Don’t be afraid to take a stand for what is right…even if you’re the only one doing it. And don’t be afraid to not do something, if you can’t figure out a way of doing it and remaining within your standards. Remember, it was years before I joined my brother’s class. I hadn’t come up with a creative way that I could (and a way that I thought would be acceptable…knowing there was a strict uniform that was required). But once we did, I was all for it. *Note: I didn’t have the t-shirt we wore, as mine as long since worn out…but I did wear our white t-shirt under my gi jacket…not the shirt you see me wearing today!

 photo IMG_4696.jpg

Yes, my forms have a LOT to be desired! It’s been a LONG time since I have done this and sadly have lost a lot of the forms.

 photo IMG_4684.jpg
 photo IMG_4690.jpg
 photo IMG_4701.jpg
 photo IMG_4680.jpg

No, I can’t do the splits anymore, but I wanted to give you an idea as to how wide this skirt is…also it has an elastic in the waist…actually two of them for support as it has a LOT of gathers.

 photo IMG_4702.jpg

And now for one more activity…skiing! Yes, I love cross-country skiing and recently was able to find a set at a thrift store for only $10, so I was THRILLED to finally be able to go out on them again! But, as I thought about activities to share, I could have chosen kickball, volleyball, four-square, or a list of others…but I thought since it was winter and this is one sport that most wouldn’t think you could do modestly in a skirt, I decided that it took the prize over the others. 🙂

Here is me on my ski’s, getting ready for a beautiful mile long trec after sunset one Sabbath evening. It was the most beautiful cross country experience I have ever had. It wasn’t quite dark, but there was a stillness in the evening and just light enough to really see your surroundings, that added to the beauty of it! In one word, it was “peaceful”! 🙂

But before the picture, what do I wear? Answer, a wider skirt again, as you want to be able move. I also wear ski pants under my skirts (which you can’t see) in the winter when I’m out in the snow and cold…and these are handy for softening the falls and keeping one dry, too! 🙂 Then I just wear all my other winter gear.

 photo skying.jpg

I pray that in some small way, these pictures will encourage and inspire you all to have fun, but to also realize that you don’t have to compromise in order to have that fun! Be creative and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do in a long skirt!!! I don’t think there is anything that I have ever really wanted to do, that I haven’t been able to do in a skirt. Sometimes, like in Tae Kwon Do, it required my designing or making something I didn’t have, but generally speaking, I’ve pretty much always had what I needed. I just had to get creative. 🙂

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4 Responses to Feminine Modest Monday: You can have fun without compromising!

  1. Rose matthews says:

    Thanks for sharing! Nice to see your skirts for different activities! I really like my boho skirts lately they have lots of room. What about bike riding? Do you have any skirt suggestions? I seen to get caught up most times! Ha ha 🙂 well…. Thank you, Rosemarie

    • Samantha Samantha says:

      Hello Rosemarie,

      What about bike riding? Hmmm…yes, we ride bikes, but I do understand what you are talking about. Chain guards are a huge blessing. But when you don’t have them, what do you do? I have personally found having a higher seat, helps a lot. Also, the one time I did ride a mens bike with a fuller skirt so I was still modest, it did keep my skirt out of the chain. And for the breaks, if you have trouble with your skirt getting in the way with that, when I owned a bike, I made a box type thing out of cardboard and taped it around my brake pads. This (although not so pleasant to the eyes) did do the job…and I was going for practical than beautiful. 😉 I would highly recommend wearing some sort of pants/leggings under your skirt though, so that if the wind did catch you skirt, you remain modest at all times. But going for more of an older type bike with a chain guard, is definitely the best way to go! Or coming up with a chain guard for yours. They use to put them on all the bikes when I was growing up (for the most part), but since most have gone to wearing pants, I think that’s why they have stopped. But you can still get some bikes with them on them.
      Hope this helps! If anyone else has better advice, PLEASE share it! 🙂
      Blessings, Samantha

  2. Natalie C. Guillen says:

    Hello Samantha,

    I am glad you posted these pictures, especially with your Taekwondo uniform. My youngest son is taking a class and his instructor is trying to get a parents group going on Saturdays. I am interested, yet I do not want to compromise my modesty. I have not discussed anything with the instructor yet because I am first trying to locate a modest skirt I can wear over the gi pants. I was wondering if you knew of a website that sells them? I know that you made yours, yet I am not a seemstress. Worst case senario, I will can one made for me, if the instructor says its okies to wear it over the gi pants.

    Thhank you for your inspiration! Be blessed always!

    Natalie C.

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