Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer – A Book Review

Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer – A Book Review

This morning I finished one of the most amazing and thought provoking books that I have read in a long time! It’s called Fervent, inspired by the film “The War Room” (which was one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen!). It was written by one of the key actors in the movie, and as you can probably guess, it’s on prayer. More specifically, praying strategically and realizing who the real enemy is and how he is out to steal, kill, and destroy you.

How many of us have heard the phrase “we’re in a spiritual battle”, yet, have no idea what that really means, atleast not in-depth or what to really do about it? For years, this was me. I often heard that Ha’Satan was my enemy, that I was in a spiritual battle, but no one ever really explained to me what that meant or what to do about it. What did this so-called enemy of mine look like? What was he trying to do? How could I engage in this battle? If I was truly in a spiritual battle, how could I fight properly?

We’re well versed in knowing who our physical enemy is, when we’re in warfare, but how do we identify this enemies advances in our lives, spiritually? How can we determine it’s him? How can we fight in a manner that ensures us the victory that we have in Yahshua? Often times I would fall and fall and fall again, pleading with Yhwh to help me overcome something within my life, only to find myself feeling helpless and giving into it, yet again. Why? Why couldn’t I get the victory in this area of my life? I would find myself thinking something and wondering “where in the world did that come from?” The struggles were endless. Until Yhwh showed me something so powerful that has given me sweet victory in areas of my life that I have never had victory in!

This past year (really two) has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I feel like if I were to put my finger on one thing that Yhwh has taught me, more than anything else this past year, it would be concerning prayer. Realizing and being able to identify the enemies activity in my life, his advances, and how to counter them, properly. Yes, we are in a spiritual warfare! Yes, he is out to steal, kill, and destroy us! But Yhwh did not leave us helpless to do anything about it!! He tells us to weigh the spirits and He tells us how! He gives us the armour that we need, the question is, do we and will we, use it? Will we engage? Will we be soldiers who are aware of their surroundings and the enemies advances, and soldiers who will do something about it? Will we be ever watchful, ever careful, and forever prayerful?

This book was extremely helpful in my journey of realizing just how Ha’Satan is trying to advance and defeat us. But it doesn’t leave you hanging. It also shows you in scripture how we can fight and WIN these battles! First, realize who is behind those thoughts of yours. Second, counter those attacks, correctly! Don’t give into them, counter them! Reject them! Realize who they are coming from! Scripture tells us what is the way, the truth, and the life. Are we going to speak (or accept) death, or life? Are we going to give into those thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties, discouraging thoughts,etc? Or will we realize who it is behind them and his reasoning for trying to get us down that path (defeat and destruction), and then take Biblical action on them?

Girls, we ARE IN A WAR! And this war is a fight for your very soul and your very life! Will you let him win, or will you join hands with your God, who has won the battle already, and longs for you to start walking in this victory and stop doubting that He has truly already won! Ha’Satan knows that his time here on earth is limited!! He knows the truth! He knows that he has been defeated already! It is only a matter of time! BUT do you know that? Do you acknowledge that fact? He has no power over your life, unless you give him that power! Are you giving him ground that he has absolutely NO right to have?

Each chapter starts off with a paragraph about “If I were your enemy”. For an example, in the chapter called “Your Focus; Fighting the Real Enemy”, it says “If I were your enemy, I’d disguise myself and manipulate your perspectives so that you’d focus on the wrong culprit—your husband, your friend, your hurt, your finances, anything or anyone except me. Because when you zero in on the most convenient, obvious places to strike back against your problems, you get the impression you’re fighting for something. Even though all you’re really doing is just…fighting. For nothing.” Fervent prayer relies on focus. Focus clears away dead space and clutter.”

On the chapter called “Your Relationships; Uniting in a Common Cause” it starts off with “If I were your enemy, I’d work to create division between you and other Christians, between groups of Christians, anyone with the potential for uniting in battle against me and my plans. I’d keep you operating individually, not seeing your need for the church or tying yourself too closely to its mission. Strength in numbers and unity of purpose…I would not allow things like these to go unchecked.”

Again, another chapter called “Your Purity; Staying Strong in Your Mosty Suspectible Places” starts off with “If I were your enemy, I’d tempt you toward certain sins, making you believe they are basically (even biologically) unavoidable. I’d study your tendencies and proclivities till I learned the precise conditions that make you the most likely to indulge them. And then I’d strike right there. Again and again. Wear you down. Because if I can’t separate you from God forever, I can at least set you at odds with Him for the time being.”

How very true that is! Each chapter deals with identifying the “bigger most common” area’s, and then how you can make your battle plan, once you identify who is behind what is happening. Each physical war is fought specifically and strategically. And so does this war need to be! At the end of each chapter, she gives you a couple pages of just scripture verses to help you pray specifically (and scriptural) about whatever area Ha’Satan is trying to advance in. She encourages you to write these prayers out. Know in what areas need prayer, why they need prayer, and then start praying specifically about them.

Sisters, prayer is POWERFUL! This is the tool to engaging and fighting, Yahweh’s way. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my prayer time has become…nor how much bolder I have gotten when it comes to doing battle upon my knees! (Note: Something I have learned is, speaking them out loud really helps! It not only keep my focus, but there is just something powerful about it…I don’t know how to explain it, but I’d encourage you to try it! Whether you need to take what I like to call a “war walk” or get up in the middle of the night and go to another room where you aren’t going to disturb your sleeping family members to do this, I would urge you to just try it!! There is something pretty amazing and pretty powerful as you listen to Yhwh speak through you! Not to say just walking with Him, praising Him, thanking Him, and just sharing your heart with Him!)

But it is about time that we believers see him (Ha’Satan) for who he is…a liar, a thief, a destroyer, and murderer…and realize that…HE IS OUT TO DESTROY US!!! He isn’t this stupid, lazy, nice soft and gentle enemy!!!! Satan is wise, extremely diligent, intelligent, and an extremely strategic enemy! And he is YOUR personal enemy! Focus in on him, not the distractions he is trying to get you to focus on, so that you will stop throwing the darts where they rightfully belong! Realize that he knows your weakest points, and he WILL target them. Realize that he does NOT want Yhwh’s will being done in your life, and he IS (not possibly!) going to try to stop it! Stop thinking that he could care less about destroying you…for if that is the case, you have a whole lot more to be concerned about! Yhwh tells us to realize he is your enemy and out to destroy you, because he is YAHSHUA’S enemy! So everything that our God stands for, Ha’Satan will stand against! Everything that Yhwh wants you doing, Ha’Satan is going to try to stop you from accomplishing! No matter what he has to do, do prevent you and convince you otherwise!

And my dear friend, we will never get a break from this war until we are with Him! Never. The battle will rage until he is bound by Yahshua and put in Hell for eternity. The sooner we all understand this, the better off we will be. He isn’t going to stop, just because it is bed time. He isn’t going to stop, just because you are getting tired and worn out. This just means that he will intensify the battle, because he knows your defenses are down! And the closer to victory you get, the more intensely he will fight, because he does NOT want you reaching victory!!! Thank Yhwh for this, because it truly means your victory is coming! Realize that there is no battle too big that our Lord and Saviour does not walk before us in! He is right there! But He does require you to use the weapons and defenses that He gave you, so learn to fight well, using them!

Remember David when he was about to go out again Goliath? Saul tried to send him out with weapons David didn’t know how to use. What was David’s response? No matter how good that armour and sword may have looked and been, he wasn’t used to using them and could not go out in a battle and use something that he had no clue how to use! That would have ensured complete defeat! Did it stop David from learning how to wield a sword and shield? Absolutely not! He eventually learned and went to battle with a sword…and won victory after victory…because he took the time to learn how to use them, and to use them well!

Learn from his life. Scripture gives us the defenses and offenses that we MUST learn how to use! He gives us the wisdom. He gives us the instruction. But it is up to us to learn how to use them, and we must learn to use them well! Will we learn to fight, and will we fight to win? Or will we half-heartily use them, and die in the process? The choice is up to us. Which will it be? Will you sit on your couch and never engage, letting him overtake your life and the lives of those you love, or will you go down upon your knees and engage in this intense battle and not let Ha’Satan get the victory that does not rightfully belong to him? Will you finally tell him enough is enough? I urge you to learn to identify and engage in this battle! The two kingdoms are in a raging war…which side will you take your stand on? For my precious sisters, whether you realize it or not, you will be on one side or the other…there is absolutely no middle ground!! The question isn’t about not being on one or the other. The question is, can Yahshua count on us to be a valiant soldier who will do his duty in this war? Will He find you faithful and steadfast, to the very end?

So would I recommend this book? Yes! Highly so, as I think it’s a subject that we have left untouched for far too long! I for one, plan on giving Ha’Satan the fight of his life! Someone once asked me if I was afraid of living my life in such a manner that he would fight so hard against me? I smiled. My reply went something to the extent of, I wouldn’t dream of wanting to live another type of life! Will living my life dedicated to and for my God mean always being on Ha’Satan’s radar? Yep! Is it easy being in a raging war, 24/7? Not at all. But is it worth it? You better believe it is!!! But I also know that the only way that I can survive it, and thrive in it, is to learn to live my life, down upon my knees! The most defeated and discouraging times I have ever faced, is when I have gotten up. Girls, we desperately need Yhwh’s help! Don’t ever think that you can live this life, without Him!!! For nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is further than the truth! Live each day, dedicated to Him and surrendered to Him.

Yhwh bless.

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