Joseph’s Incredible Testimony to His Brothers – How Will You View Circumstances?

“…And his brethren could not answer him; for they were troubled at his presence. Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: For God did send me before you to preserve life. And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance. So no it was not you that send me hither, but God:…” Genesis 45:3b,5,7-8a

Can I shout a huge “Amen!! HalleluYah!!!”??? :o)

Sisters, Joseph understood something profound, that few of us ever do!! Think about it. Joseph’s brothers had just caused him extreme pain and hurt by rejecting him, hating him, and then actually selling him as a slave because of that hatred! They didn’t understand what Yhwh was doing in his life, all they knew was, they wanted him gone! Some wanted to kill him, but it was finally decided that they would simply sell him as a slave, so they did.

Years go by and we see what Joseph was put through. If being a slave wasn’t bad enough, he ended up being sent into the dungeon for years, after once again, getting what he did not deserve! He didn’t do anything and was falsely accused, arrested, and thrown into the dungeon because of that false accusation! As we’ve talked about this before, all this took place between the time that Yhwh showed Joseph in a dream what He was going to do with his life, and actually bringing him to the place where He fulfilled that dream.

After years with no contact from his family, his brothers show up. I can understand their concern. They knew what they had done and they felt guilty because of it. But Joseph, now more than ever, looks back and realizes all that hurt, all that pain that his own precious family caused him, was for a purpose and apart of Yhwh’s plan! IT WAS NEEDED!!! In order for Yhwh to use Joseph to save his family, Yhwh had to send him into Egypt. Yhwh had simply chosen to use his brothers to get him there (for honestly, how else could He get him to Egypt as a slave?). Yhwh understood what had to happen to prepare Joseph and get Joseph to the point where He needed him to be. All that happened, needed to happen…it wasn’t for naught! And more than ever before, Joseph saw the hand of Yhwh in it all. He realized, that although Yhwh may have had to use his own family to carry out what needed to be done, it wasn’t his family doing it. They were just the people Yhwh chose to use, but it was Yhwh being gracious and loving to Joseph’s family by sending Joseph through all that He did, so that He could save his family from the famine!

Sisters, when Yhwh sends us through tough circumstances, even extremely hurtful and painful circumstances, even using the very closest and dearest people to your heart to inflict that pain in your life, how do you react? Do you become angry and bitter towards them? Or do you stand back and choose to view such circumstances through Yhwh’s eyes? The world would say that Joseph had every right to get angry, hurt, and bitter at his brothers for the pain that they had caused him. But Joseph knew better!!! He saw the bigger picture. He knew who was in charge of the circumstances and it wasn’t his brothers. He saw that all this was needed, for Yhwh to accomplish His will in his life, and so for Joseph, there was absolutely no remorse, no hatred, no anger or bitterness, only love, forgiveness, compassion, mercy and grace towards them!

In my life, I can see how Yhwh has allowed me to walk through some tough circumstances too, albeit different from Joseph’s. But they have been hard and painful, nonetheless. But, like Joseph, I saw and see the larger picture. I know what Yhwh has called me to be, where He has called me to serve, and I knew I wasn’t where or who I needed to be, to accomplish what He had called me to accomplish. Yhwh knew what would bring me to that place of preparedness, like nothing else could! I knew He was sending me through the fire, not because He didn’t love me, but because He did, and He needed me to learn to rely fully upon Him, to trust Him to accomplish what He had said He would, to trust Him to lead me alll the way, to understand that He would never ever leave me or forsake me, and to teach me how to pray…really pray (among other things). I knew Who was behind it. Like Joseph, I knew it wasn’t the ones Yhwh chose to use to teach me those needed lessons and bring me to that point of total surrender, trust, love, faith, and prayer! I’m not the least bit angry or bitter, in fact, like Joseph, I think I can heartily say I am truly grateful and thankful for Yhwh loving me enough to send me through those fires, because I see more than ever, how needed those lessons have been!! And I honestly don’t know how He would have taught them to me, had He not used the very people who He did.

Girls, HE KNOWS!

Step back and view Yhwh’s hand in your life! Realize He is in control! He knows what He has called you to, He hasn’t forgotten! But like Joseph, in order for him to be used, Yhwh had to send him through various painful trials! Are you willing to be used by your God? Are you willing to step back and see the larger picture and realize it isn’t the people who He uses, but that it is He alone, trying to lovingly prepare you and bring you to your Egypt so He can use you! He could have chosen a number of other people to do it, but really, would it have had the effect that it had, if He had chosen someone else? Does not our God know above and beyond how to prepare us? Do you not think He knew who to use to teach you those lessons? Don’t become discouraged, despair, distraught, angry, or even bitter over the circumstances in your life. Praise Yhwh that He is in control and that He knows and cares!

For sisters, when you begin to view life through His eyes, you too, will be able to look at them and say, “It wasn’t you! Yhwh simply chose to use you, but it was my God doing “_”! I love you all so very much! Don’t be angry with yourselves or distraught over what happened! I’m certainly not! Can’t you see Yhwh’s hand in it all?! Isn’t it beautiful how He used you, for now I am in the place where I can provide for you all!” I can just imagine how healing that was for his brothers to hear and to see! What a testimony!!

We have got to get passed looking at the small picture of life, and begin looking at the larger picture! Sisters, stop looking at the circumstances, and start looking at your God and His plan! It makes all the difference in the world, as Joseph’s life proclaims!

I’ll leave you with the song, which has been so dear to my heart for as long as I can remember! Remember, you may not understand it all, but He does!

Shabbat Shalom!

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