Do We Truly KNOW Him?

The below message has so richly blessed me this morning. It never ceases to amaze me just how much my Beloved Abba Yhwh knows what I need to hear!

Girls, we long to KNOW, truly know, our husbands, do we not? We long to know their deepest thoughts and desires, we long to know and become one with/in them, bearing much fruit…not only physical fruit, but most importantly, spiritual fruit for His kingdom!

But my question to you is, do you KNOW Yhwh your God? Or do you just know ABOUT Him? It is one thing to know about our husbands, it is entirely different to actually KNOW them. Do we truly know God? Are we truly ONE in Him?

This past little while has been a time that I have to honestly say, has challenged me in a lot of ways. It hasn’t been easy and I find myself asking Yhwh why life has to be so hard at times? Couldn’t it be just a tad bit easier? :o) But you know what, it is through these trials and storms, that I am truly getting to KNOW my Beloved Yhwh and who He is! He is making Himself known to me in ways that I have never truly known Him before. He is bringing me to such a place where I know I can not walk as He has commanded, without Him! He is teaching me that it is NOT I, but He who lives in me! It has to be ALL about Him! Not some, but ALL!! 

And I don’t know about you, but it has not been when life has sailed ever so smoothly, that I have learned these lessons! Its so easy to think “I” got this, or “I” can do this when life is going on so calmly! But when the waters are troubled, the waves rushing up against us, that I begin to realize the truth…I don’t and I can’t do this on my own or in my own strength! And how sweet it is to get to such a place!!

 I don’t want to know ABOUT my God, I want to KNOW my God! I don’t want to be WITH my God, I want to be IN my God and He IN me!!! And if it takes, like it did in Egypt, Him bringing me through whatever storms He sees fit to bring me through, then so be it! I want to get to such a place with Him, that I can truly say, I KNOW my God and that I am one IN Him! Not just WITH Him! I’m not content to just know about Him. I am not content to have a casual relationship with Him. Just as I will not be, when Yhwh so wills, to be content to simply understand who my husband is. No, we all desire to KNOW our husbands in every sense of the word!! We want that intimate relationship with them, do we not? Then sisters, how much more important is it to get to such a place in our relationship with Yhwh, that we have that same intimate relationship with Him and get to the place that we KNOW Him? Are we truly ONE in Him? Do we honestly love Yhwh our God with ALL of our hearts? May this truly be our goal and become our reality!!

May you truly be encouraged by this message.

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. Amy says:

    Where have you been, and is all ok? I so enjoy reading your blog and I miss your entries! I hope your absence is because you’ve been busy with good things and not because something’s wrong. Please write soon!

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