Happy Thankgiving!

I wanted to take a minute and just thank Yhwh for all He has blessed me with! My brother said we had the most incredible family, and I can’t agree with him more! Yhwh has truly blessed us beyond anything we could ever come close to deserving! And as I sit here and am so thankful for all He has done, I can’t help but think of my precious parents who have made Him blessing us, a possibility and reality! If it wasn’t for them trusting Yhwh with their womb and asking to be blessed with children after giving their lives to Him, I wouldn’t be here. Neither would my other 12 siblings, precious in-laws, and soon to be 20 other nieces and nephews! Because of their obedience, I have been blessed with 24 siblings (including in-laws), and soon to be 30 nieces and nephews!! Yes, there were challenging times for them…we weren’t and aren’t always the “perfect” children. But they knew what was important! They gave their talents, money, time, and energy to raising us all up in the ways and truths of scripture, showing us a love and passion for serving and loving our Heavenly Father Yhwh and Son Yahshua, and loved us with a love like none other!! We tease them that they grew up with us, and its true! They played with us, sang with us, taught us, worked with us, read to us, memorized scripture with us, and simply loved being with us! They taught us what a family ought to be. They hugged us and comforted us, admonished us, encouraged us, prayed with and for us! The list is endless!!!

And now to see their work of love continuing onto the next generation, is just amazing to behold! To realize “we” wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for them, is incredible. Not to mention not being who we are!! 

So more than ever, I am soooo thankful to Yhwh for blessing me with the most incredible parents alive!! If you don’t know them, you ought to!! Their love for each other, for us, and for their God, is outstanding!!! Yes, I love my parents and family soooo much!!!

And I am so thankful for each one of you! Yhwh has blessed my life with such incredible friends and I am truly grateful and thankful for each one of you!! 

Feeling like the richest and most blessed girl alive!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

P.s. Girls, I opologize for not writing more! Life has been extremely full amd extemely blessed lately! I’ve been out of state for a couple of months now, helping my sister with her twins and toddler (YES!! Yhwh blessed them with beautiful surprise twin girls on 9-21-16!) and so writing is a bit more challenging right now.  I have been working on a post for a couple of weeks now, that I hope to get up here soon, and a lot of other posts running through my mind that I simply haven’t gotten typed on my phone yet! ? ? But do be looking for an update real soon!! ?

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