To Know That I Am Yhwh

Recently I was reading a book that has made me stop and ponder a lot of truths. One of those being, what is the purpose for us being here? Why does Yhwh allow us to go through the things that He does? What is His goal in allowing us to be brought through the wilderness experiences in our lives? Why does He allow us to be tested and tried?

As I pondered all of these questions, the truth that I had read, drilled the truth home to me. In everything, the one goal Yhwh has for us, is that we would come to know Him -to truly know Him- to have a personal relationship with Him, the God of the universe! He wants us to know beyond any shadow of doubt, that He alone is God and there is none besides Him. Each and every single thing that He allows us to go through in this life, has an ultimate goal of cultivating, nuturing, and maturing our relationship, trust, love and dependency in Him.

As I read through scripture, time and time again, He says “so that you will KNOW that I am Yhwh THY God”. He doesn’t send us through the fire, just to burn us. He sends us through the fire, so that we would know who He is and how much He loves us. He loves us so much and longs for nothing more than a close relationship with us! But that too, means that we must be holy! What will mature and deepen that relationship and dependency upon Him? What will drive us to Him, so that we will come to know who He really is? That is what He will allow us to go through.

My sisters, so often, like the children of Israel, it is a step by step process. We can’t snap our fingers to be who we need to be. Yhwh told the Israelites that He would slowly drive out their enemies, so that the land would not be overtaken by the beasts of the field, knowing full well it was too much at that moment in time, for them to handle. He wanted them to be able to manage the ground that they were taking, that it wouldn’t be taken back by the enemy. Our life, is much the same way. He slowly purges us and cleanses us, showing us our sinful ways. And how I thank Him it is a process, and not a single moment in time, for which one of us could handle such an undertaking all at once?! Talk about a loving and merciful God!

Girls, our ultimate goal in this lifetime, is to “…love Yhwh thy God with all thine heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Deut 6:5) He wants a pure and holy Bride…pure and holy unto Himself. He wants you to know who He is, as your Father, as your God, and as your Husband! He wants us to KNOW Him, not just about Him!

Do you realize that He said 894 times “know that I am Yhwh”? Sisters, 894 times (those exact words…I’m sure there are WAY more times that He said it using different words!)!!!! So the next time Yhwh brings you through something, realize it is an invitation to get to know who He is, how much He loves you, and how much He desires for you, as His Bride, to truly know Him. It is an invition for intimacy between you and your God. Don’t ignore it. Don’t reject it. Allow it to mature your love for Him. Allow it to cleanse you so that you can deepen your love for and in Him. Love is a process. It is a learning curve for each one of us. As you read scripture, realize it is His love letter to you, as His Bride, to teach you how to love Him more faithfully, completely, and unconditionally! It is to purify us and to cleanse us, so that we can love Him from a pure and set apart heart. Don’t look at it with eyes that want to do what you want to do. Don’t read it with eyes that want to learn how to love Him like you think He should be loved. Read it as a letter to you, from your Groom, on how He needs to be loved (and remember that “if you love me, keep my commandments” – obedience is an act of love in one of the deepest forms).

May we truly come to know who our God is and nuture our relationship with Him, day by day! May we come to love, adore, and obey Him, as God, our God. May we truly become a holy and set apart people, set apart to Him and for Him.

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