Thirty-Three and Thoughts to Ponder

Shortly after waking this morning, what Yahshua went through around this age, began to play through my mind. You see, today I turned 33 years old. People generally say that Yahshua died on the cross around this time in His life, as close as they can figure from dates and things that happened around that time.

As I pondered this, I began pondering and comparing our lives. What has my life accomplished for His Kingdom, vs. what did His life accomplish? I marvel at what His life accomplished!! He was always about His Father’s business, even as a young boy. Everything He did in life, had purpose. It had an ultimate goal; our redemption, our cleansing, our growing ever closer to His Father, Yahweh, to name a few.

I began to ponder the fact that Yahshua paid the highest price for me, His own precious blood! I am no longer my own, for I have been bought by His blood, …and I have (as do we all!) a Kingdom purpose. I am not here to accomplish my own desires or wishes, but His. And because I am not my own (HalleluYah!), but His, my time is not my own, but His. This brought me to farther question, “What am I doing, and how am I using, my time? Is it how He desires and planned? Or am I wasting it on useless things?”

You see, my precious sisters, I know for myself, so often I can get so focused on “my” desires. What “I” want to accomplish. (Or worse yet, simply find myself having wasted precious hours on things that do not amount to anything of worth!) But this isn’t supposed to be our attitude! We are here for a very specific purpose! And it isn’t to bring pleasure to ourselves! It’s to please, serve, and obey our King! It is to further HIS Kingdom, His family.

So let me ask you a question; how are you spending your time? Are you spending it in a way that is pleasing to your Saviour? Are you in obedience to His Word? A servant doesn’t do what he/she pleases! She does what pleases her Master. How do our lives line up with His Word? Are we even in the Word?

My precious sisters, life is but for a moment here on earth. As you reflect upon each day, how much of that day was used doing what pleases your King, verses what pleases your flesh? Did you even spend time with your King? Have you asked Him lately what He desires for you to accomplish for Him? Or do you assume you already know? And once you do know, have you asked Him how you should accomplish each task? Just because we may think it should be done one way, doesn’t mean that’s what He wants or desires. We have to be in constant contact and conversation with our Saviour, so that we know what each day’s assignments are! Don’t let the time He has given to you, the time that He has bought with His precious Son’s blood, go to waste! Use your time wisely!! Better yet, ask Him how He wants you to use it!! :o)

May our lives, just as His Son’s life, count for His Kingdom and accomplish great and mighty things for Him! May we use each situation in our life, as a means of drawing ever closer to our King. May we constantly be in prayer, each step of the way, asking Him how He wants us to do whatever it is we need to do. Let’s not assume we know what His wishes and desires are, but instead, seek His wisdom, His counsel, His constant help each and every step of the way. And when you realize that you have not been walking as He would want, repent and turn. Each day starts afresh. Seek Him and seek His Kingdom, first!

Instead of looking back on each day with regret, realizing that we have let opportunities slip on past us, and have wasted the precious minutes and hours that He has blessed us with, instead find ourselves clinging to each one and using each one to farther His Kingdom!

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Samantha!!! <3 🙂

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