Update and some Q&A’s

Shalom my precious girls (and ladies!)!

I wanted to let you know that I have posted the long awaited update here on my other site One Girls Journey, which you can go read. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

I wanted to also answer some of the questions that I recently saw on here. I had some email trouble, which I think is finally fixed, and so I just got some of the comments. I’m really sorry about that!

First, yes, the pictures were deleted…which I am really sorry about! I was using a third party for posting pictures on here, and they changed their policy, which meant unless I paid an outrageous amount annually, I would lose all ability to use their site to host the pictures.  Since I had been using them store my pictures since 2008 or so, I realized it would be impossible to go back through and re-add all of them back into the posts. Thankfully, I will now be able to use the actual hosting here to store them, so I think the problem has been resolved from here on out…prayerfully!

Also, someone else asked about how my sister and I handle double shirt wearing in the summer months? First, I want to clarify that although we may often like this look, it is not a must! Please don’t feel that you must copy us in how we dress! At times we prefer the look or simply like the looser look the second shirt gives, if the shirt below it is too tight for comfort. But for sure, you do not need to feel that you must wear double shirts!

But to answer your question, which I will answer for just myself (I’ll let me sister answer for herself, if she would like to). 🙂

As you all know, I am here in Israel, where we have already had some hot days (104+F). What I have found that works well for myself, is I wear 3/4 length shirts, preferably cotton, but not so easy to find here. But I try to stick to as high of a % of cotton as I possibly can. Since I can easily find solid shirts here, I prefer to dress it up a little bit, with finding thin flowery outer shirts…usually sleeveless or capped sleeves. These I don’t mind to have a larger neckline than I usually wear, as I have the shirt on underneath. But, I do this more for the look, than for modesty levels, on my looser shirts. But it also comes in handy if I have a shirt that is tighter on me, as the outer shirt is looser, making it more modest for me. I also usually wear a tank-top on under my shirts, if I don’t wear something over them, so either way, its about the same thickness. But the looser the shirt, the cooler it will be (obviously not super baggy, but just loose!).  I also try to find as thin of a shirt as I can, without it being see-thru.

But in all honesty, the coolest shirts that I have found, is my regular cotton (not knit) 3/4 button down shirts. But since I can’t always find them in the secondhand store here, I just make do with what I can easily find, and it works well for me. Also, you will find taking a cool shower in the evening, to really help in the hot humid weather. This is a routine I have become accustom to here. It’s a given no matter what you wear, you will be hot, but this is part of life in the summer, which I love my summers! If you do any kind of working in the hotter months, without being in AC, you will find yourself hot and even sticky. To me, this is just apart of life and doesn’t really bother me. But in the evening, after my work day is finished, I do enjoy cooling off in a cool shower, which makes me very comfortable in the evenings.

Hope this helps!

Love and blessings to you all!

Shabbat Shalom,


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