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Storms – How do we view them?

When trials and storms come into our life, how do we view them? What do we see? How do we react to them? What do we learn from them? Or do we learn anything? These are some of the questions … Continue reading

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Video on marriage

This video was done for a couple that was just married and the truths within it, is amazing! I thought this would truly bless those of you who are married, as well as those of you who will be married. … Continue reading

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Are we like the children of Israel?

Dear Girls, As I was doing my devotions this morning, I came across something really interesting and wanted to share it with you all. I was reading in Numbers 11 where the children of Israel starting complaining about not having … Continue reading

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The Jen Berrick Story

My precious girls, The last post I posted a couple of youtubes about Jen’s life and accident. I just recently came across a two part video series done by Joni and Friends that really touched my heart and I pray … Continue reading

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Quote by V.I. Lenin

“The chief is to get women to take part in socially productive labor, to liberate them from ‘domestic slavery,’ to free them from their stupefying and humiliating subjugation to the eternal drudgery of the kitchen and the nursery. This struggle … Continue reading

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How Blessed We Are!

As I was out walking earlier, the scarf over my mouth was making my glasses fog up, so I had to take them off. As I continued walking through a now blurry landscape, I began to think of how blessed … Continue reading

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A crisis and an answer

A few days ago as I was thinking about the struggle that a lot of girls have when they turn 18, and how we school our children, I wondered if it didn’t have more to do with each other, than … Continue reading

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Do we truly desire God?

You know, I have recently written about desiring God and I wanted to write a little bit more about this very subject. Girls, this one truth is SO important for you to grasp! It is one truth that has really … Continue reading

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Delayed, but not denied

Tonight my family and I watched the DVD “VERBE” again, and Nick made a comment that has stuck in my mind; Delayed, but not denied. You know girls, this quote is so true! Just because Yahweh delays something, does not … Continue reading

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Novels: My testimony

Warning: Novels are not what they seem to be…and that is innocent! I’ve been thinking of writing this article for quite awhile but just kept putting it off. As I began to think more about it, I realized that what … Continue reading

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