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Part 6: Thoughts to Consider

Something has been going through my mind the past couple of days, so I thought i’d share it with y’all and see what your thoughts were on it. 🙂 We know that we are members in the body and we’re … Continue reading

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Dealing With the Tempter: Yahshua vs Eve

Wow! As I continue on with my study on identifying the enemy in my personal devotions, it never ceases to amaze me at all I’m learning! I feel like I’ve hit a huge breakthrough in my own life this morning, … Continue reading

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When Serving Becomes Discouraging and Hard

This morning I decided to pull out my trusty prayer notebook, as the new system that I was trying to use, just wasn’t working. I knew that this prayer notebook had worked beautifully for me last year, and I had … Continue reading

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Why them, Yahweh?

The thought , “Why would Yahweh allow one of His own to die what we would call an early death?”, has been going through my mind. Have you ever thought about this question? Having known a couple of people recently, … Continue reading

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There is a purpose…a reason…

To all my older single girls, As I sat here struggling with the distance of my Love and I, knowing not where he is, nor how long this separation must be for, longing to be with him and near him, … Continue reading

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Good morning, my precious girls! It never ceases to amaze me how the book of Ephesians grips me! Oh! How I love that book!!! Yesterday, as I sat there studying it, one thing rang through my heart. It was these … Continue reading

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How then should we walk?

As we continue reading Ephesians 4, we come to verses that tell us how we are to walk. Yes, Yahweh tells us first how we are not to walk. We are not to walk as the nations of the world … Continue reading

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Let no man despise your youth

This past week I started a Bright Lights girls Bible study group with some girls up here. The theme verse for this week was taken from 1 Timothy 4:12 where we are told to “Let no man despise thy youth; … Continue reading

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Are we like the children of Israel?

Dear Girls, As I was doing my devotions this morning, I came across something really interesting and wanted to share it with you all. I was reading in Numbers 11 where the children of Israel starting complaining about not having … Continue reading

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Quote & Thought

George Washington had a saying “What is worth doing, is worth doing right” and how true this is! Girls, what you do, “do all to the glory and honor of Yahweh”! Give it your all, even in the small things … Continue reading

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